STRANGE THINGS Eine Ausstellung des Studiengangs ‘Kunst und Medien’ der UDK Berlin, mit aktuellen Filmen, Installationen und Performances aus den

Rundgang 2019

Installation by Hara ShinImmaterial Mapping, Hara Shin, single-channel video, 11:11 min., 2018Hyper-Collective, Hara Shin, 2019DELETED, Installation by Mengxuan Sun, Chen

Kathrin Hunze, Singularis

SS 2019 Graduation Project The audiovisual performance ‘Singularis’ deals with biological and information technology granular processes in the social context.

Hara Shin Graduation Project

Mouthless Dialogue single-channel video, 6:07 min., 2019 Technology and digital imaging allow us to optimise alternative experiences to satisfy a

Ding! * Mengxuan Sun

Audiovisual Live Performance SS 2019 Graduation Project The growing visual language of digital technology and the Internet in the physical